Health Ministry activates rapid reaction committees to tackle dangers of high heat

The Health Ministry has informed the public healthcare directorates in a note by that it is activating the boards in charge with coordinating the rapid reaction teams that tackle the dangers of high heat. The plan includes additional staff and ambulances, state secretary with the Health Ministry Alexandru Rafila told a news conference on Thursday.

He said that on Wednesday, 6,000 emergency calls were received for ambulance and other emergency services, which was a moderate rise from the previous days, but they are expecting the number of such calls to further rise in the period immediately ahead.

‘The weather advisories issued on June 19 were updated by two messages, namely a code orange warning for June 22, when the heat wave is expected to intensify and thermal discomfort get high, with the index expected to exceed the critical threshold of 80 on large areas. The highs will frequently exceed 35-37 degrees Celsius and even 38 in the southern and eastern plains. The second message of interest is the code yellow warning , which overlaps the code orange warning and last throughout June 23, 18:00hrs, EET,’ says official of the National Weather Administration (ANM) Elena Mateescu.

Manager of the Bucharest- Ilfov Ambulance Service Alis Grasu told a news conference on Thursday that the service received more tan 1,200 calls over the past 24 hours and the service is working at full capacity.

State secretary with the Ministry of Administration and Interior Catalin Chiper says the ministry, via the prefectures, will implement the specific county plans containing the measures needed to be applied to protect the people and keep economic and social activities flowing under high temperatures.

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