Presidency: Government adopts wrong position if believes is in conflict with Romania’s President

President Spokesman Bogdan Oprea pointed out that the Head of State opined that the Government adopted a wrong position if it believed it was in conflict with Traian Basescu.

Referring to the statements of Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who maintains there is a conflict between him and Romania’s President, Mr President Traian Basescu insists on mentioning that, as far as he is concerned, he is in no conflict with Romania’s Prime Minister or with Romania’s Government, even if they have some divergent points of view. Mr President has all accessibility of unreservedly and with all available means and with his experience continuing to support the Government’s measures for observing the commitments the Romanian State made in relation with the European Union, the IMF and the World Bank. Mr President believes the Government adopts a wrong position if it believes it is in conflict with Romania’s President,’ Bogdan Oprea maintains in a clarification remitted to Agerpres.

Romania’s Government on Friday, through a press release, requested President Basescu to put an end to ‘the furious campaign of discrediting Romania’s legit Government.’

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