CCR shall no longer exercise constitutional control over Parliament decisions


The Senate adopted in a plenary session the draft law initiated by Liberal deputy Cornel Pieptea and by Social Democrat senator Georgica Severin, according to which the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) will not have the right anymore to control the constitutionality of the Parliament decisions.

The drat law was adopted with 70 votes in favour, 18 against and 4 abstentions.

The initiators of the document proposed that the CCR not to be able to pronounce on the decisions taken by the Deputies’ Chamber plenum, the Senate’s plenum, as well as the decisions taken at the joint plenary meetings of both Parliament’s chambers.

According to them, the amendment of the 2010 functioning law of the Court ‘has excessively overcharged’ its activity, because the CCR was also responsible for pronouncing on the constitutionality of the Parliament decisions and this harmed ‘the good running’ of the activity of the Court as ‘an institutional arbiter’.

The Senate is the decision-making Chamber in this case.

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