Former Premier Adrian Nastase stays in hospital


Former Premier Adrian Nastase will still stay in hospital, said spokesman for the Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest Bogdan Oprita.

‘Following the official letter … registered with the Floreasca Hospital … after which patient Adrian Nastase was examined from many points of view, considering the legal status of the patient, the commission thinks that the responsibility for deciding on the possible transfer of the patient and the treatment in a specific hospital can only be established after the forensic examination, in keeping with the procedure code.

In keeping with it, a short time ago official letters were sent to the two competent institutions, namely the Romanian Police and the Institute of Forensic Medicine, the higher commission on forensic medicine. Currently the patient stays in hospital. Following the verdict passed by the commission and in keeping with the procedure that the commission on forensic medicine will make known, we are going to submit to it,’ said Oprita.

Former Premier Adrian Nastase underwent a surgical operation on Thursday, June 21, at the Floreasca Hospital after an attempt to commit suicide. The High Court of Cassation and Justice on Wednesday, June 20, passed a final sentence on him and condemned him to two years in prison in the Trophy of Quality file.

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