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CSAT: MAI provides 300 gendarme and police officers to EU, OSCE, NATO and the UN


Under a decision of Romania’s Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) of June 25, Romania’s Ministry of National Defence (MApN) will be making available 3,390 troops to take part in 2013 in missions and operations outside Romania, while the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) will be making available next year 300 gendarme and police officers to the European Union, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), NATO and the United Nations.

‘At the CSAT meeting, approval was given for the forces and means of the Romanian Armed Forces that may be made available for missions outside the country in 2013. Thus, the forces the National Defence Ministry will provide for missions and operations abroad in 2013 will be 3,390 troops, down from 3,636 in 2012, which is a cut by 246 troops,’ reads a press release issued by the Presidential Administration.

Out of the 3,390 troops, 2,377 troops will be for individual reconnoitring and monitoring missions and 1,013 will be kept on stand-by ready to be deployed on order.

CSAT decided that MAI will make available 300 gendarme and police officers in 2013 to the EU, OSCE, NATO and the UN.

At its Monday’s meeting, CSAT also approved Romania hosting a conference of the NATO Military Committee, September 14-16, in the central city of Sibiu.

CSAT also approved an activity report of the National System for the Prevention of and Combat Against Terror that summarises the actions conducted via the Centre for Anti-Terror Operative Coordination in 2011.


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