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PM Ponta: I believe we can get to a new age of European politics


Prime-Minister Victor Ponta, chairman of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), showed hope that Romania will be able to ascend to a new age of European politics and expressed his gratitude to the European socialists present in Bucharest for their solidarity showed both during the period when the party was in opposition and now, when PSD is ruling.

Ponta depicted to his European colleagues the hardships faced by the current ruling body regarding their relations with President Traian Basescu, whom he even accused of „dictatorship” and of the fact that he appointed those close to him during the previous ruling, who fell once the no-confidence motion was adopted two months ago.

„I have been going through my most difficult period of my political life over the past 50 days,” said the PSD chairman during a meeting of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats focused on European issues.

Victor Ponta said that the topple of Ungureanu Government was possible not because the Romanian people got fed up with the austerity measures taken back in 2010 but because they rather they had enough of corruption and a total incompetence.

„And, above everything, the Romanian population got fed up with the dictatorial rule imposed by a person who gathered his acolytes in the government and other institutions. The Romanian people got to the streets in January because President Basescu interfered in a TV show and insulted the most popular doctor in Romania. We, as opposition, managed to stay united to fight against a regime who had all the tools in his hands. The local elections ensued in June where PSD got 55 percent of the votes and PDL less than 15 percent,” Ponta told the European socialists.

Ponta added that President Traian Basescu is „still in office” and the Romanian Constitutional Court still goes with the decisions made in the Parliament.

„The Romanian President does not agree that the Prime Minister should take part in the European Council. … Over the past three and a half years, the Romanian Parliament has not even had the right to know the proposals of the president at the Council, so the Parliament is rather a stage where the president used to voice his intentions and wishes later,” Ponta stressed.

The prime minister promised he is going to try to bring the country back to the principles and standards of the European democracy.


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