President Traian Basescu urges Romanians to hoist and honour National Flag

The National Flag reminds any Romanian citizen the sacred duty of faithfully serving the country, of defending Romania’s union, sovereignty and independence at any cost, President Traian Basescu says in message addressed on Tuesday on the occasion of the National Flag Day.

The President brings to mind that the day of June 26 was established by law as the National Flag Day, ‘a symbol of the Romanian people’s fight for freedom.’

‘The tricolour flag was adopted as the symbol of the nation on the first day of the victory of the Revolution of 1848, when the provisional government of Bucharest promulgated the decree establishing the National Flag. Therefore, the Tricolour – red, yellow and blue – was established to represent the national flag of all Romanians, with the motto ‘Justice and Brotherhood,’ also being granted the name of ‘the flag of freedom,’ Traian Basescu’s message shows.

‘The Union of the Romanian Principalities of January 24, 1859, the great moments of our history, the Independence of 1877 and the Great Union of 1918, the fights fought in the two world wars, they were all carried out under the sign of the National Flag. It is our duty to always remember the past and to honour the forerunners’ heroism,’ the President underscores.

Moreover, the Head of State mentions that the National Flag is also the symbol under which the Romanian military participate in the theatres of operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

‘Looking to the past, but also to the present, we can say that the National Flag is the first symbol that unites us all. Today, on the National Flag Day, I wish all Romanians ‘Many Happy Returns!’ and I urge them to hoist and honour, as appropriate, the Romanian Tricolour!,’ President Traian Basescu also says in his message.

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