Google pays homage to Sergiu Celibidache


The homepage of the Google search engine on Thursday, with a special logo, marks 100 years from the birth of the great conductor Sergiu Celibidache.

 The figure of the famous Romanian conductor is superimposed on the first letter of the word „Google,” the other letters being made of musical instruments – trombone, drums, violin, flute, percussion discs.

Conductor and composer Sergiu Celibidache was born on June 28, 1912, in Roman, Neamt County (eastern Romania).

He studied at the Pedagogical Seminary in Iasi (1930), then he continued his studies in Bucharest, under the guidance of Theodor Rogalski (theory – solfeggio, piano) and of Theodore Cosma (jazz).

He learned to play the piano alone, being fond of jazz form an early age. Then he entered the „Musikhochschule” in Berlin (1939-1944). In parallel, he studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University „Friedrich-Wilhelm” in Berlin, where he obtained his doctorate in musicology with a thesis on „The Polyphonic Art of Josquin Desprez. ”

Celibidache started as a jazz pianist in Iasi (eastern Romania), as a piano-assistant in Bucharest, as choir conductor in Berlin, the first orchestra of his career as a conductor being the Orchestra of the Music Academy of Berlin (1941).

In 1945, following the contest for the position of conductor of the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra, he took over the leadership of this famous orchestra. From that moment on the international affirmation of the Romanian conductor began, the ensembles where he had permament contracts being: the Berlin Philharmonic (1945 – 1952), the Copenhagen Royal Chapel (1960 – 1963), the Stockholm Symphonic Orchestra (1962 – 1971), the Radio Orchestra of Stuttgart (1972 – 1977) and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (1979-1996).

For five decades he conducted the French National Orchestra, ORTF Orchestra and ‘Orchestre du Conservatoire’ of Paris, the orchestras of the „La Scala” Theatre of Milan and ‘La Fenice’ Theatre of Venice, the State Orchestra of Bremen, the „Santa Cecilia” Orchestra of Rome, RIAS Orchestra of Berlin, the Radio Orchestra of Cologne, the Symphonic Orchestra of ‘The Curtis Institute of Music’ of New York, ‘George Enescu’ Philharmonic of Bucharest, ‘Moldova’ Philharmonic of Iasi and a.s.o.

He was distinguished with the Danish award ‘Leonie, Sonning’ (1971), the titles of honorary director of the ‘George Enescu’ Philharmonic of Bucharest (1990), honorary professor of Berlin (1991), citizen of honor of the city of Munich (1992), honorary member of the Romanian Academy of Bucharest (May 13, 1992), the Great German Order of Arts ‘Maximilian’ (1993).

In 1994, the great musician was awarded the titles of honorary citizen of the city of Iasi and Doctor Honoris Causa of the”George Enescu” University of Arts of Iasi.

He died in Neuville-sur-Essonne, near Paris on August 14, 1996.

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