PM Ponta: I will represent Romania’s stand in Brussels under a mandate from Parliament

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday said he will be representing Romania’s stance at the European Council summit meeting of June 28-29, under a mandate from Parliament, insisting that President Traian Basescu does not have such mandate.

‘First, I will attend a meeting of the Social Democratic leaders, the prime ministers, then I will try to represent Romania’s stance on economic growth, employment and the European Union’s budget, under a mandate from Romania’s Parliament.

Romania’s President has no power in this area and no mandate, so Romania can only be represented in accordance with the constitutional powers and under a mandate.

A majority of the Constitutional Court virtually announced today that Romania is a presidential republic where the President holds all powers and has a sovereign right over the Government and Parliament. As far as I am concerned, this is totally unacceptable,’ Ponta said at the end of a meeting in Bucharest of the Group of Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.

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