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Johannes Hahn: Calafat-Vidin bridge, one of Europe’s most important projects

The bridge linking Romania to Bulgaria and crossing the Danube between Calafat and Vidin is one of Europe’s most important projects, and it has to be done by end 2012, EU Commissioner for Regional Development Johannes Hahn said in Calafat (southwest of Bucharest), on Saturday, June 30.

According to Johannes Hahn, the investment represents not only a symbol connecting two EU peoples, but also a real support for the trade activities.

‘I visit the bridge because it is a symbol, because it relates two peoples of the European Union. We have worked a lot to reach this level of the project. It took quite a long time till it was implemented, but it will be verified probably by the yearend, the infrastructure included will be done, too, so that the Calafat -Vidin Bridge should become operational.

This bridge not only contributes to a better cooperation between the two countries, but also in this entire area of Europe, because there used to be one single bridge along 650 km, and we have one more, now, and we hope we will have many more, soon, because the two nations need a better connection, to become a real support for the trade activities and to ease ties among people,’ EU Commissioner for Regional Development said.

The visit EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn pays to Romania is part in a tournament including several Danube riparian states, and it is aimed at holding consultations with the ministers in charge with the enactment of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, and at seeing several objectives of interest and flagged in the Danube Region’s project.

On Saturday June 30, the EU official also attended a bilateral Romanian-Bulgarian crisis management exercises between Calafat-Vidin.

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