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CCR to consider Tuesday the latest post-referendum developments

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) is expected to convene in a plenary session on Tuesday to consider the latest developments that followed the court’s decision to postpone a final ruling on the July 29 national referendum to recall President Traian Basescu.

The session is scheduled to start at 10:00hrs, EET.

Last week, three CCR judges asked that the CCR convene in session to clarify the situation that resulted from the publication of an erratum to the court’s initial referendum ruling, claming that they were not consulted.

At a session on August 2, the CCR asked the Government to submit by August 31 the updated electoral rolls based on which the July 29 referendum was held.

On August 6, the court sent the Government a clarification that it requested the updated electoral rolls in line with Law 3/2000 concerning the holding of referenda, based on which the July 29 referendum was held.

Last Wednesday, an individual filed a criminal complaint with the General Prosecution Service accusing the Constitutional Court of Romania of material forgery in official documents in relation to the clarification submitted to the Government and the Official Journal under which the court requested the correction of a ‘material error’ in its ruling on the electoral rolls used for the referendum. The Prosecution Service registered the complaint and preliminary procedures were started.

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