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Govts come and go, Romanian-US partnership to last forever – Ambassador Gitenstein


U.S. Ambassador to Romania Mark Gitenstein said at the Distinguished Visitors Day organised as part of the joint Romanian-U.S. exercise Dacian Viper 2012 by the 71st Air Fleet based at Campia Turzii (the central-western Cluj county) that ‘governments come and go, both in Romania and in the United States’, but the two countries’ military build a partnership relation „that will last forever”.

I want to tell everybody that what is special today, at this exercise at Campia Turzii, is not the American technology nor the sophisticated weapons, but the fact 335 U.S. and Romanian military are training together, sharing ideas and building a partnership. Governments come and go, both in Romania and in the U.S., but what is important is what happens with these military, who build a partnership relation between Romanians and Americans, between the two countries, that will last forever and that cannot be destroyed. We train together here, at Campia Turzii, we fight together with Romanian military in Iraq and Afghanistan and we die together, Gitenstein said in an address to the troops and the National Defence Ministry officials.

The U.S. ambassador alongside Romanian National Defence Minister Corneliu Dobritoiu, State Secretary Dan Tataru and Army Chief of Staff Lt Gen Stefan Danila attended a Romanian-U.S. military aviation show exercise at the 71st Air Fleet based at Campia Turzii aimed at the joint training of the pilots, technical staff, air traffic controllers and General Staff officers under real conditions, for planning and conducting flight missions in mixed formations and with mixed Romanian-U.S. crews.

Taking part in the drills are 200 Romanian military, pilots and technical staff with six MiG-21 LanceR fighter jets, a IAR 330 Puma helicopter belonging to the 71st and 86th Air Fleets as well as 150 military of the United States of America’s Air Forces and the National Air Guard of the State of Alabama, with eight F-16 fighter jets and one KC aircraft.


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