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MAE takes note worriedly of Venice Commission’s chairman’s statement


Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) has worriedly taken note of the elements included in the recent statement of Chairman of the Council of Europe’s European Commission for Democracy through Law (the Venice Commission) of Gianni Buquicchio, insisting that pressure on courts is unacceptable.

„The MAE is fully sharing the position stated by the chairman of the Venice Commission that any pressure on a court, be it a constitutional or ordinary court, in order to influence its decision or for other purposes is absolutely unacceptable. The Romanian Government takes and will take no exception from strictly observing the fundamental principle of the rule of law, which is independent justice and an independent constitutional court. MAE also believes that it is highly important, as the chairman of the Venice Commission pointed out in his statement, that no political pressure be put on judges,” MAE reports.

MAE underscores that in the absolutely regrettable case of threats against the physical integrity of judges, the relevant legal provisions will be strictly applied, and to this end the threats should be immortelle reported to the authorities.

MAE also points out that in the case of threats some time ago against Constitutional Court judge Aspazia Cojocaru, the authorities promptly started the requested criminal procedure, voicing hope that the procedure will end as soon as possible and the offenders will suffer the rigours of the law.

MAE says that Romania’s Permanent Representation at Strasbourg was urged by the MAE to immediately get in touch with the Venice Commission Secretariat to find out the exact information that triggered the Tuesday’s statement of Venice Commission Chairman Gianni Buquicchio’s statement, so that the Romanian authorities may be able to take the necessary legal measures.

Buquicchio on Tuesday urged the Romanian authorities and political parties to fully respect the independence of the Constitutional Court and abstain from pressure, according to a statement posted on the website of the Council of Europe.


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