NGOs: Many diseased people will no longer be able to have access to medical services

President of the Coalition of patients with chronic diseases organizations (COPAC) Gheorghe Tache told Agerpres that the current proposals for co-payment can not be accepted, because many people affected by disease will no longer have access to medical services.

„We express our concern over the advanced amounts, especially those referring to hospitalization. We demand a public debate, to tell our points of view. The dialogue with representatives of the Ministry and of the National Health Insurance House is not like before. We do not agree with proposals on the co-payment because, this way, many people will be deprived of medical services and their condition will worsen, and the costs will be higher for the state „, Gheorghe Tache said.

The Ministry of Health has posted on Friday, on its website, the draft of a Government Decision on the introduction of co-payment. The co-payment amount is the one charged to the patient for the granted medical services that are included on the list of medical services for which the co-payment is perceived, says the draft legislation.

Areas of medical assistance where co-payment is planned to be introduced are: primary medical care, specialty ambulatory care for clinical specialties, including rehabilitation, physical medicine and spa treatment, as well as ambulatory care provided based on skills / qualifications studies of complementary medicine as phyto-therapy, homeopathy, family planning and acupuncture, specialized ambulatory medical assistance for paraclinical specialties, hospital care.

The co-payment amount is different depending on the medical doctor’s qualifications, type of care, hospital ranking, type of investigation.

Exempted are the sick with affections included in the national health care programs, medical services afferent to the underlying disease conditions, those who have no income from employment, pension or other sources, pregnant women and after birth medical services related to the evolution of gestation.

Co-payment does not apply in case of emergency medical services.

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