PDL appeals to USL to put an end to political crisis

The opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) appeals to the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL) to put an end to the political crisis for the economic situation not to be affected to an even larger extent, said Democrat Liberals’ general secretary Gheorghe Flutur at the end of the party’s national political bureau.

The PDL general secretary said that, following the talks between Democrat Liberal leaders and the IMF, WB and EC delegation in Bucharest, one could notice ‘the concern of the foreign officials for the political instability, but also the lack of some economic measures meant to ensure the economic growth.’

„I am reminding this once again to you: the growth is 1.2 percent, with gloomy prospects for the tine to come. They mention 0.8 percent, there will probably be an evaluation in the month of September. I must direct your attention to the fact that when the Ponta Government came to power, there was an estimate of a 1.5 percent growth. The main cause is this political instability, for which people in power are to be held responsible. I think that our appeal, the appeal of PDL, must be made every time, and I am making it today too, to USL people, for us to put an end to the crisis and for them to put an end to the political crisis in this country as we are referring to a low economic growth, we are referring to the shortage of investments and the basic solution is coming back to normal,” said Flutur.

In context the Democrat Liberal leader also mentioned „the concern of the international community.”

„There is this concern and it refers to the pressure that is put by USL on the democratic institutions and the democratic mechanisms of the state. As the American State Department put it, this concern is to be found in Europe too,” added Flutur.

Then he also gave the example of the Romanians working abroad, very many of them being now on holiday in Romania.

„These days very many people who came home on holiday, our Romanians, voice concern for losing their jobs in the countries where they work just because of this instability created by Romania. And I think we must all consider things in an even more responsible way in order not to endanger the jobs both of the Romanians abroad and of the ones here, at home,” also said the PDL general secretary.

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