Romanian-US exercise at Capul Midia shooting range

Over 700 Romanian and US troops started this morning a Summer Storm 2012 bilateral exercise that will be conducted for one week, throughout August 14, at the Cpaul Midia shooting range, close to the Romanian Black Sea coast.

Press officer of the Romanian Navy Staff Corneliu Pavel says the joint training of the troops will include planning and disembarking at Capul Mida, reconnoitering and securing the beaches for disembarking, patrolling, infantry firing, evacuating non-combatants, training in urban warfare and search missions.

A demo exercise of air assault forces, to be launched from the USS Fort McHenry ship, will be staged on August 14 at the Capul Midia shooting range to occupy a bridgehead on the shore and free some VIPs who were taken prisoners ashore.

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