Tens of kilometres of river stretches dry up in eastern Romania

The rivers in eastern Romania have dried up following the drought having hit the country over the last weeks, with the river Putna having dried up on a 20 kilometre stretch, while many other rivers, in Vrancea county mostly, reached historic lows, reveals data supplied by the Water Management Company.

The Putna, during heat waves, moves its bed below the land, near Garoafa village, with the phenomenon being dubbed Putna Seaca (Dry Putna), but specialists say the phenomenon has never been so extensive as in this summer.

Zabala river, in the mountains, has only 20 percent of its normal flow left, while Naruja rivulet runs at a 40 percent flow.

At the plain, Milcov river has barely 2 percent of its normal flow at Golesti village, while Rimna river flows at only 10 percent of its capacity at Groapa Tufei village.

Ramnicu Sarat river has a stretch at 5 percent of its flow in the mountains and as low as 2 percent at the plain.

„If the droughty span keeps on, the other rivers will also dry up”, the Water Management Company spokesman Sergiu Mihaila said.

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