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Terms IMF imposes to suppress social dialogue (unions, employers associations)


Terms the officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and of the EU financial structures impose, will lead to the suppression of the social dialogue through the removal of the Collective Bargaining, at all levels, reads the release the trade unions confederations and employers associations signatories of a cooperation agreement sent to Agerpres.

„Declaratively, the officials of the IMF and the EU financial structures have permanently agreed with the principles of the social dialogue and the respect for work. As a matter of fact, they are in favour of imposing terms which are to lead to the dismantlement of the social dialogue through the removal of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, at all levels. Anyway, the amendments to the labour laws, in 2011 contributed to the drastic drop in the number of the Collective Bargaining Agreements,” the release says.

According to the above-mentioned document, the signing trade unions confederations and employers associations ask the Government not to give in to the pressures put on them, but thoroughly analyze the competences of the Romanian representatives attending the negotiations.

„We ask the Government, during the negotiations with the IMF and the EU, to mainly support the national interest of the economic and the social development, through tangibly and efficiently making use of the Social Dialogue generating the social peace,” also reads the release signed by the Romanian Employers Confederation of Industry, Agriculture Building and Services (CONFIROM), the Romanian Employers (PR), the General Union of Romanian Industrialists (UGIR – 1903) and the National Union of the Romanian Employers (UNPR) merged in the Romanian Independent Employers Confederations Union (PATROROM), while on behalf of the trade unions signed the National Trade Unions Confederation (Cartel ALFA), the National Trade Union Bloc (BNS), the National Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Romania – CNSLR FRATIA (Brotherhood), the Democratic Trade Unions Confederation of Romania (CSDR) and the MERIDIAN National Trade Union Confederation.


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