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CCR convenes to confirm referendum results

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) plenum convenes on Tuesday to examine the observance of the procedure for the organization and unfolding of the national referendum of July 29 for the recall of Romania‘s President Traian Basescu and to confirm these results.

In the meeting of August 14, the Court discussed the request made by Traian Basescu of changing the hearing deadline set for examining the observance of the procedure for the organization and unfolding of the voting and the confirmation of its results.

On that date, too, CCR examined the Prime Minister’s letter and decided, by a majority of votes, that, through the note of August 3, the Court plenum requested the Government to communicate the number of persons registered on the permanent electors’ lists, updated (until the date of July 10), according to the provisions of article 17, line (2), of Law No 3/200 on the referendum organization and unfolding.

‘The permanent electors’ lists are, according to article 2, line (1), letter c), of Law No 370/2004, ‘the lists including the Romanian citizens with voting right who turned 18 until the election day, included.’

In the places where this provision was not observed, it is going to be done in the interval established by the Court,’ CCR also mentioned.

Concerning the different interpretations given by the authorities to some documents previously issued by the Court, the judges said that in the CCR decision of August 2 they omitted to specify the legal basis according to which the total number of electors, who had to express their option in the referendum of July 29, was going to be established.

Moreover, the CCR plenum is likely to previously talk about the number of votes needed to decide the validity of the referendum, namely of five to four or of six to three of the judges.

On August 2, the Court requested the Government to send by August 31 the updated permanent electors’ lists, based on which the referendum of July 29 was carried out.

At the same time, the Court then unanimously rejected, as ungrounded, the contests referring to the observance of the procedure for the referendum organization and unfolding.

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