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Number of people having ordinary residence in Romania stands at 19,043,767


The number of the people having the ordinary residence in Romania stands at 19,043,767, according to the preliminary results of the population and house census conducted in 2011, Chairman of the National Institute for Statistics (INS) Vergil Voineagu announced on Monday.

The preliminary data will be unveiled to the Government at its first siting.

„The provisional and preliminary figure is 19,043,767 people. This figure was not contested by any member of the central commission or by anyone else. I want to point out two things in relation to this number: the provisional and preliminary data are not sent to Eurostat or to other international institutions, but only the final results, according to the schedule, namely in 2013. According to the rules in force, the 27 month deadline since the date of the data processing cannot be missed. The provisional and preliminary data have an informative nature, not a decisional one, and they are not used to re-establish the statistical series of data, to calculate the macro-economic or sectoral statistical indicators,’ Voineagu told a press conference.

Vergil Voineagu said the census results cannot be used to establish the permanent electoral rolls.

He also said that according to the law, the Central Commission for Population and Housing Census stops its activity when the preliminary data of the census are published and that the final results will be released and published by the INS. According to him, there is no exact figure regarding the persons living abroad on the long term.

INS representative Dan Ghergut, also attending the press conference, said that the fact that these forms include information both about the persons living in different Romanian city and about the people living abroad must be taken into account.


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