Rosia Montana – cyanide-free zone

Over 4000 participants took part at FanFest between the 15th to 19th of August. The seventh edition celebrated 10 years since the Declaration of Rosia Montana, the first solidarity manifestation with the locals that oppose the mining project. Years later, the Save Rosia Montana campaign became the symbol of civic and activist spirit in Romania, the message Keep the mountains where they belong: resistance through culture being found on the streets, squares or artwork.

In the end of a very extensive program that included music, theater, literature, film screenings, guided tours, exhibitions, leisure activities and an activism forum, FanFest finished with the Solidarity Square – The Grand Assembly of Rosia Montana. Hundreds of people, including participants in the protests in Piata Universitatii during winter were present, along with residents of Rosia Montana when reading the Proclamation that declared the Apuseni Mountains – cyanide-free zone.

The Proclamation from Rosia Montana – the 19th of August 2012

We, the free people of Romania, living in harmony with nature, respecting the national heritage, the history of our people and the traces left by our ancestors in these places, with deference to democratic values and the written laws of the state, but also to the unwritten laws of people living together in harmony, fully aware of the need to bestow a cleaner and more dignified country onto future generations , declare:

Rosia Montana is and will be a zone free from cyanide.

Rosia Montana is and will be a zone free from political corruption, from the selfish agendas of any corporations and from the interests of the political parties and state oligarchy!

Rosia Montana is and will be an example of pride and dignity in the modern history of Romania!

Here, free people from all around the country will for ever demonstrate   that we are not  easily led, manipulated and subdued. This is the place where we showed and will continue to show that there are people in Romania who cannot be bought, whose dignity cannot be trampled, people with unalterable principles and values, who never begged for the pity of the politicians and of the multinational corporations.

Rosia Montana deserves a better fate than its total destruction by the cyanide-based mining project proposed by RMGC!

In Rosia Montana there are people who have proven and are still proving the existence of alternatives for sustainable development, cultural and ecological tourism being two of them.

The beautiful lanscapes  of Rosia Montana are its real gold, its main treasure!

We remain steadfastly against  the transformation of Rosia Montana into the site of a new  national theft, through which one of the strategic resources of Romania would heedlessly be given away.

Rosia Montana fully deserves its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List, as a site preserving 2000 years of culture and tradition! We firmly demand that the Ministry of Culture immediately initiate the necessary procedures and assure the recovery of the patrimony houses bougt by RMGC.

In Rosia Montana, we preserve  the tradition of the ones who, along our history, fought for individual liberty and rights, for the respect of the human being: from Horea and Avram Iancu to the anti-communist Resistance in  the mountains and the heroes of December 1989. It is not only their example which gives us courage, but also that of the tens of thousands of communities from the whole world that rebel against the destructions fuelled by greed.

Here, in Rosia Montana, we bring together the dignity of both the Romanian and European citizenship, the respect for the heroes of the nation and for all the ones who, all around the world, fight for causes similar to ours; the care for our land and for the whole planet, the protection of the  national as well as universal cultural heritage.

Rosia Montana will never dissapear! We will fight to protect it at any cost!

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