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Victor Ponta: Unfortunately, CSM political agenda detrimental to the image of justice

PM Victor Ponta, interim Minister of Justice, said that the Supreme Magistracy Council (CSM) „unfortunately has a political agenda detrimental to the image of justice.”

He added that will raise in the first CMS session the issue of the citizens that were abused in this period „by Basescu‘s prosecutors” for voting at the July 29 referendum and voiced his regret that the CSM session was to take place on Monday yet it was postponed after the Constitutional Court will rule regarding the referendum to suspend the president.

Victor Ponta had also a message for judge Cristi Danilet, about whom he said he is a friend of former Minister of Justice Monica Macovei.

„I would like to tell judge Danilet, who is a friend of Ms Monica Macovei, that I do not care about his threats and I do not understand why he meddles with politics and the political strife, with Crin Antonescu and myself. We are politicians. Only the Romanian people can punish us by voting for what we say. I was a prosecutor and he could intimidate me with the Judiciary Inspection, I was a magistrate. But I am no longer one, I am a deputy, and a a politician and only the Romanians’ vote intimidates me. The politically intimate friends of Monica Macovei should do their job that was appointed to them, namely to investigate if the magistrates abuse people, not to investigate the caretaker president and the prime minister, because this is not their job and they do not get their wages and good holidays in this period for this. I hope things come back to normal and I hope these judges, Danilet or anybody else, in CSM should cease meddling with politics. It is against their status. I do politics because that is what I am, a politician. They should abstain from doing politics and they should restrain their opinions, which are exceedingly favourable to the Stalinist system promoted by Macovei, to themselves instead of making them public,” said the prime minister.

Ponta also sent a public message to judge Cristi Danilet. „I warn Danilet to stop threatening people, to stop threatening journalists, to stop threatening any political analyst who can issue any opinion, and do his job instead in compliance with the law,” said Ponta.

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