Antonescu: PNL and me will respect CCR ruling, which is unfair

Romania’s Caretaker President Crin Antonescu said both he and the members of his National Liberal Party (PNL) will respect the ruling passed by the Constitutional Court of Romania regarding the July 29 referendum on whether to impeach President Traian Basescu.

‘The course of the ensuing procedures will be carried out, nobody is questioning the observance of the CCR ruling. We consider such ruling unfair, because it ignores a real majority of the citizens who should have established the required turnout. /…/ The CCR refused to take note that at least over two million Romanian voters could not be on the voter rolls and could not be taken into account when counting the voter turnout’, Antonescu said in a statement for reporters made at the PNL headquarters.

The caretaker leader added he would not leave politics and he pointed out Basescu, in fact, has actually been dismissed by the Romanians’ vote.

‘I am not withdrawing from politics, because basically Traian Basescu has actually been dismissed by a majority of the Romanian citizens. /…/ Today, both me and the PNL remain to serve the people who have been wronged /…/, who expressed their will and expressed it overwhelmingly. I’m not running away when faced with the power-broking made by Traian Basescu’, Antonescu underscored.


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