Several formations sign common manifesto to set up center-right platform

The leaders of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, in the opposition), the Christian-Democratic National Peasants’ Party (PNTCD), the New Republic Party (PNR), the Right of Centre Civic Initiative (ICCD) and the Christian-Democratic Foundation (FCD) signed on Wednesday a joint manifesto, stating on this occasion that the document is an important step towards setting up the planned electoral center-right alliance in view of the parliamentary elections this year.

The manifesto was signed at an event organized at the seat of the Christian-Democratic Foundation by the following political leaders: PDL’s Vasile Blaga, ICCD’s Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu, PNTCD head Aurelian Pavelescu, PNR’s Mihail Neamtu and FCD leader Adrian Papahagi.

The leaders of the five center-right signatory formations stressed the need for a certain type of politics capable of making sure that the rule of law and democracy are irreversible in Romania, and accused the actions of the Social Liberal Union (USL, a ruling three-party alliance) of having seriously damaged Romania’s image and deteriorated the economic climate in the recent months.

The text of the manifesto proposes the „Romanian society a political platform articulated around center-right values.”

„We are driven by the doctrinal orientation of the European people’s Right with its plurality of Christian-Democratic, Conservative and Liberal options. An electoral alliance among parties is at the core of the platform, which has the support of NGOs aimed at capturing the center-right civic stream that permeates all levels of Romanian society. Our immediate goal is to win parliamentary elections,” the manifesto states.

In the medium and long term, the mission of the „united Right” is the consolidation of the rule of law, „justice for all and prosperity for everyone.”

Not in the last place, the manifesto calls on „all capable people who recognize themselves in the center-right principles” and expresses openness to „parties, organizations and individuals’ committed to the values of the Right.

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