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Education Minster Andronescu: Romanian education system extremely polarized


The results of the first Baccalaureate session this year and of the National Pre-Highschool Assessment show that the Romanian education system is highly polarized, argues Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu.

„The results of the Baccalaureate and of the National Assessment exam showed me that we have a highly polarized education system, which is a surprise even to me. I didn’t expect to find it that polarized.

I don’t believe this segregation does us good and we’ll have to figure out some solutions. I am talking about pre-University education, but the situation is the same for the tertiary education system,” Minister Ecaterina Andronescu told a meeting this Wednesday in Sulina (eastern Romania) with Republic of Moldova students who attend University and high-school in Romania.

The government official thus tried to contradict an opinion voiced during the meeting according to which the Romanian education system is flawed.

„We have exceptional schools and it’s the graduates of these units that determine the world’s great universities to see Romania as an extremely attractive student pool. And let me give you this argument – five years ago, the great Western universities were bringing their educational offer to Romania for the first time.

At first this happened every two years, then every year, just for the frequency to further increase to twice a year, and now the educational offer is presented twice a year in every university center and every big city. Why? Because there is a worldwide hunt for top-performing brains and all hindrances have fallen. Romania too has some very good schools. And yes, there are also many gaps and there are some bad laws, but we make efforts to fix them,’ said the Minister of Education.

Ecaterina Andronescu attended, along with Secretary of State for Romanians from Everywhere Natalia Intotero and local officials, the Summer School held in Sulina titled „Romania Closer to its Youth.”

About 200 Romanian state scholars from the Republic of Moldova attend the event that will end on Friday with the Romanian Language Day.

The graduation rate was almost 44% at this year’s first Baccalaureate session and about 62% at the National Assessment exam.


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