Filasa International to invest 3 billion euros in wind projects in Romania

The French company Filasa International will invest 3 billion euros in wind power projects in Romania by 2013 through the agency of Eolenvest, a fact that implies the development of some total capacities over 2,000 MW, said managing director of Filasa International Bernard Esquirol on Thursday when they began work on the project of South-Eastern Wind Farms, in the Braila-Buzau area (south-eastern Romania).

‘In Romania we are going to develop projects on producing wind power in three regions: Buzau (southern Romania)-Braila (eastern Romania), 897 MW, Suceava (north-eastern Romania), more than 500 MW, and Caras Severin (south-western Romania), 700 MW.

We hope to have all building authorizations for Braila-Buzau in 2013. We can install one turbine a week so that we estimate that in late 2013 or in 2014 the capacity will have been installed. The maximum production is estimated for 2017,’ said Bernard Esquirol.

In the Braila-Buzau region 10 wind farms will be built, a total investment amounting to about 1.35 billion euros.

‘The projects in Romania will start later than we have planned as we have changed the supplier of wind turbines, Vestas. For the time being we are talking with the companies Alstom and Siemens,’ said the managing director of Filasa International.

In the territory of the Counties of Braila and Buzau the Eolenvest group will develop the South-Eastern Wind Farms, a group of power projects in the villages of Ulmu, Ciresu, Zavoaia, Dudesti, Tudor Vladimirescu, Ciocile, Rosiori, Rusetu and Largu. The investment is to be paid off in five years.

The projects are carried out by some project companies set up within the group and are currently in various stages of authorization. The specific studies of measuring the speed of the wind, of evaluating biodiversity or geo-technical studies for every location have been made since the beginning of 2011.

‘We want to continue investments in Romania, in photovoltaic power. This is a project amounting to about 300 MW, covering an area of 1,200 ha. We would need an area similar to the one for a farm,’ said the Filasa representative.

According to the estimates made by experts, in late 2012, more than 7.5 percent of the electricity demand might be covered by wind power in Romania. Every MW of wind power requires an investment ranging between 1.5 and 1.6 million euros so that the total value of the investments made in Romania might amount to 5 billion euros by 2013, according to the Filasa International data.

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