Japan’s Ambassador inaugurates equipment bought from Nippon donations at „Marie Sklodowska Curie” Hospital

Japanese Ambassador in Bucharest Natsuo Amemiya and manager of the Children’s Emergency Hospital of Bucharest ‘Marie Sklodowska Curie’ Gabriel Smarandache inaugurated the modern surgical equipment purchased with a donation through the non-reimbursable assistance program ‘Grant Assistance for Grassroots / Human Security Projects’, funded by the Japanese Government.

According to hospital manager Gabriel Smarandache, the EUR 63,000 donation significantly contributes to improving the surgical treatment of the children.

„We are now wrapping up a two-year project. Two years ago we started a cooperation project with the Embassy of Japan. Through this project we have completely fitted out an operating room and other wards also received equipment. Today we inaugurate the final part of a project,” said the hospital manager, who thanked the Japanese Embassy for their support.

In turn, Ambassador Natsuo Amemiya said that the „Maria Sklodowska Curie’ Children’s Hospital is a facility of national fame that already has top-performing technology and through the donations made, Japan has taken the unit’s efficiency and technology to even higher levels.

The Government of Japan has these programs underway and donates various amounts of money to help various sectors of the economy, the health sector included. We believe that this is a hospital of national importance and that these donations could help a lot. The truth is that as Romania is now … a EU member, it can no longer benefit from such assistance programs and regrettably, we can no longer offer such projects in Romania, said the diplomat.

He added that despite Japan having been seriously affected by the earthquake last year, the Japanese Government further honors its promises.

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