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Ponta announces elected Socialist International vice president

Prime Minister Victor Ponta late on Thursday announced he was elected vice president of the Socialist International, which means he will attend the Socialist leaders’ meeting every six months.

‘I am glad and I hope it is a good thing for the Social Democrat Party (PSD). /…./ It is important that we should keep faces from an international political family, because in the period ahead we will have a lot to struggle to restore our country and its image. And therefore each contact and each position is important’, Ponta told private television news channel RTV speaking about his election as the Socialists’ deputy leader.

He explained it is about a position by which he represents the PSD and that is why he had wanted to candidate.

The Prime Minister said he had been asked by his Socialist fellows about the situation in Romania and he pointed out a decision to move the PES Congress due in this autumn from Romania to Brussels was made on his proposal.

‘There were several events and I, of course, discussed with them about Romania very much, but you must know there was a lack of information, on the one hand, while on the other many knew the truth. Finally, however, there is a relation that each separate party in Europe has with the media in its country and the announcement I made today, that we agree with organising a PES event not in Bucharest, but in Brussels is related to the very fact those in the German SPD had a big problem with the German media and therefore I did not want to create one more problem. Quite the contrary, I wanted to be the constructive one’, he explained.

Ponta underscored the SPD leaders told him they would not come to Bucharest, since they would have to face criticism from the German news media.

Ponta, who heads the ruling PSD, is attending the 24th Congress of the Socialist International in South Africa over Aug. 29-31.

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