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Romanian ILO joblessness rate down 0.3 pct to 7 pct

The Romanian joblessness rate, seasonally adjusted according to the International Labour Office (ILO) standards was put at 7 percent in July, down 0.3 percentage points from the prior month and by 0.5 percent less than in July 2011, the National Institute for Statistics said in a release.

The number of the Romanian unemployed (aged between 15-74) is put at 694,000 persons in this July, marking a drop from June (727,000) and from last July (732,000).

Men’s unemployment rate is higher by 1.3 percent than women’s; it stands at 7.6 percent for men and 6.3 percent for women.

The joblessness rate for adults (25-74 years old) is estimated at 5.7 percent in this July; the rate of out-of-job men was of 6.3 percent and women 5 percent.

The out-of-work aged between 25-74 account for 74.9 percent of the overall jobless estimated for this July.

The ILO defines the unemployed as people aged between 15 and 74, who meet the following three simultaneous requirements: they do not have a job, they are available to start working in the next two weeks and have been actively looking for a job anytime over the last four weeks.

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