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Carmaker Dacia’s exports to Germany feed Renault’s net profit in Romania

Romania‘s Ambassador in Berlin Lazar Comanescu says that one can currently speak of a revival of Romania -Germany economic relations, mentioning in this context that exports of the Dacia Duster crossover SUV to Germany have contributed to the net profit of Renault Dacia in Romania.

„The political dimension of Romania – Germany relations is very important, but equally important are the other dimensions as well: the economic and the cultural dimension, the role of the German minority in Romania and that of the Romanian community in Germany.

And I include here the several thousand hundred German citizens who were born in Romania or are of Romanian extraction. Now, as you know perfectly well, bilateral relations between two countries can witness, let’s say, very intense moments or less intense moments, but that doesn’t mean that dialogue has not continued and doesn’t go on. Quite the opposite, if you have noticed, in the past three years the Romania – Germany dialogue has considerably intensified from all points of view. I am referring here to high-level visits, be they visits to Berlin or to Bucharest, talks between German and Romanian ministers in various council formats in Brussels and other capital cities,” said Comanescu while attending the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomats.

He referred, in the context, to the powerful boost for the two countries’ economic relations, adding that Germany is Romania’s main economic partner.

According to Comanescu, Romania – Germany exchanges last year hit an all-time high of over 17 billion euros in mutual exchanges. The diplomat said that Dacia Duster cars count to the main products Romania exports to Germany.

„Those of you who have traveled to Germany may have noticed how many Dacia Dusters roll on the German motorways. Dacia’s exports to Germany have contributed to the net profit Renault Dacia has made in Romania last year and this trend continues. Germany ranks third by the amount of foreign investments in Romania, but a remarkable aspect in my opinion is that, even in this time of crisis, German companies present in Romania are particularly interested in the production sector. Companies like Continental, Schaeffler, Premium Aerotec have created thousands and tens of thousands of jobs in Romania,” the Ambassador underscored.

The Romanian diplomat added that this year he discussed with several companies present in Romania, which are interested in making fresh investments in our country this year and in 2013.

Another important aspect, according to the Ambassador, is the resumption after six years of the works of the Romanian – German Economic Cooperation Council.

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