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Freight traffic on waterways, increasing

The freight traffic on the waterways Danube – Black Sea and Midia – Navodari increased in August, being the fourth consecutive month this year when it exceeded 3 million tonnes transported capacity.

National Navigable Canals Administration Corporation (CNACN) representatives informed through a press release that last month on the two waterways they registered a traffic standing at 3,110,000 tonnes capacity, by 45,000 tonnes more than in the same period of last year.

‘Through the volume reached in the first 8 months of 2012, the entire traffic registered in 2009 has already been exceeded, the prospects for this year being of even exceeding the record traffic volume registered on the navigable canals in 2005, namely 32,000,000 tonnes capacity.

To be noted that for the period 2005-2012 we witness a radical change in the traffic structure in terms of areas of origin, so that if in 2005 the external traffic represented 22 percent of the total and the domestic traffic stood at 78 percent, in 2012 the external traffic represents 61 percent and the domestic traffic, 39 percent,’ the ACN release reveals.

The freight carried on waterways represents mainly cereals, iron ore, raw mineral products, non-ferrous ore and solid fuels.

According to CNACN, same as in 2011, the Danube registers increasingly lower quotas, which affects the circulation of freight on the waterways.

‘Even if on the waterways the water depth allows 5.5 metre maximum draughts, unfortunately, in Cernavoda area, the Danube level does not allow draughts larger than 1.6 m,’ the release points out, mentioning that in the conditions in which they pass beyond the level 2 warning sent by Apele Romane, CNACN is compelled to limit traffic through coupled sluicing, so that through one single water flow the passing of ships in both direction is secured, namely downstream/upstream, upstream/downstream.

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