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Differentiated baccalaureate idea – a rational solution, says former Min. of Education Andrei Marga

Differentiated baccalaureate is a rational solution, which I welcome, said former Minister of Education Andrei Marga.

 He told that the system must remain open for the high level student, who obtained a vocational baccalaureate degree to be able later to get the one at a higher level.

„The differentiated baccalaureate is a rational solution that was tried in Romania in the past and worked. We must start from a very simple premise in Romania, as well: school children skills, talents, inclinations are however different, because the human nature brings these differences. That’s how things stand, and I personally am in favor of the idea regarding a high school that allows a certain profiling.

For example: if a student has more talent for experimental sciences – physics, chemistry, biology – it‘s good for him to foster those talents in the high school, as well. If he has talents in other directions – say arts – it‘s good to foster those talents in the high school. Therefore, a differentiated baccalaureate in this way is rational. It was practiced in Romania, but unfortunately it was given up.

There is a prejudice here – it is believed that a differentiated baccalaureate would lower the degree of training. That’s not true. I welcome the return to a baccalaureate differentiated depending on the high school profile”, Andrei Marga also said.

He said he is in favor of a variant that would leave all prospects open to the high school student.

The Senate Education Committee passed on Wednesday, with lawmakers unanimously presence, the report on the draft law on the organization and conducting the baccalaureate exam that would enable the high school graduates to choose between the national and vocational one.

Thus, the high school graduates have the choice of opting to pass a vocational baccalaureate, that allows their access on the labor market, but not the access to higher education, or the national baccalaureate, which will allow them to enroll into the higher education institutions. The report adopted today by the Committee could be included on the agenda of the Senate next Monday.

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