Oltchim managing director, other 16 directors tender resignations

Constantin Roibu tendered his resignation starting from Sept. 5 from the position of chemical plant Oltchim managing director and member of the plant’s Boarding Council, with other 16 directors also handing in their resignations from office, according to a document sent to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

Their decision was triggered by the proposal tabled by Office of State Ownership and Privatization in Industry (OPSPI) Director Remus Vulpescu to put Oltchim under special administration for the subsequent privatization of the company, as a condition to ensure the working capital for the running of the company’s installations and to pay the company’s employees.

Another reason is the lack of dialogue and collaboration between OPSPI and the Oltchim leadership that led to the blockage of any initiative to finance the plant’s activity and to the stoppage of the plant’s installations.

Early on Wednesday, the trade union leaders of Oltchim stopped working protesting against the officials taking no decision on the plant’s situation and requesting the visit of Prime Minister Victor Ponta to Ramnicu Valcea.

In addition, over one hundred employees of the Bradu Petrochemical Division based in Pitesti mounted a spontaneous protest as sign of solidarity with their colleagues.

Victor Ponta announced after the Cabinet meeting that Minister for Social Dialogue Liviu Marian Pop will pay a visit to Ramnicu Valcea. He sent a message to calm the protesters, saying that ‘the investors must not be frightened’.

Ponta added that he also wants to meet with the Oltchim leadership, as well as with the trade unions’ representatives.

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