PDL, Civic Force Party and PNTCD form Right Romania Alliance


The Right Romania Alliance (ARD) was officially launched on Saturday, September 29, at the Palace of Parliament, as a center-right electoral alliance in view of the parliamentary elections, in a political construction represented by the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), the Civic Force Party (PFC) and the National Peasant Christian Democratic Party (PNTCD).

ARD launch was preceded by meetings of the leadership forum of the Democrat-Liberals and of the Civic Force – the National Coordination Council of PDL and the National Council of PFC – in which the setting up of the Right Romania Alliance was validated.

„The Right Romania Alliance is ready to go, but we must rev up the engines. (…) Romania needs normality. (…) Normality means democracy, state of law, rule of law and respect for work. We will continue the restructuring and modernization process of the state. In just five months the Social Liberal Union (USL alliance) government bears its „fruits”. (…). USL experiments have brought us to the edge of isolation. We have prepared Romania for Schengen, USL moved Romania away from Schengen. It is high time to put Romania on the right track „, said PDL President Vasile Blaga, who expressed hope that ARD will win the elections to come.

Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu, president of the Civic Force Party, said in turn that ARD is represented by the „right-wing Romania”, which is set to propose a political and governance handbook. „We must be united, loyal to each other”, Ungureanu said.

In his speech, the leader of PNTCD, Aurelian Pavelescu, wanted to send a message to the National Liberal Party (PNL, in USL composition, with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Conservative Party (PC)).

„I have a very clear message for the right, including the Liberal one. After annexation of PNL by the post-communist left (…), our alliance has the duty to also assume the great political tradition, a tradition coming from Ion C. Bratianu „, Pavelescu said.

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