Victor Ponta: I assured EP President that Romania surpassed the political crisis


Prime Minister Victor Ponta assured on Friday, September 28, the President of the European Parliament (EP), Martin Schulz, that Romania surpassed its political crisis and added that he discussed this with him also as a friend of Romania, from whom he had received advice.

” I was very happy to meet Mr. President of the EP as the legitimate body of Europe, the Parliament, and in his position as an old friend and supporter of Romania as a country. Of course we have exchanged some ideas about the past few months and I must say that always the discussions with Mr Schulz, even criticism, we received as coming from a friend of the country and a personal one.

I assured Mr. Schulz exactly what I assured the European Commission President, Mr. Barroso, that Romania surpassed its political crisis, both sides learning a political lesson this summer faced with problems and I believe that our country, our government is totally involved in improving relations with all the European states, to be an active part of Europe and which will be very much involved in political discussions about the most important challenges of the European Union in the coming months and in the coming years,” said the Romanian Prime Minister, following a meeting with President of the EP, in Brussels.

According to him, Romania needs the European Union (EU) and the EU needs to have in Romania a dedicated member with full rights.

” And in the years ahead we will work together for a better option”, added the head of the Bucharest Executive.


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