Alexandru Darie – Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters


Manager of Bulandra Theatre in Bucharest Alexandru Dobre was awarded the title of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, one of the most important distinctions granted by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in France.

According to a release from Bulandra Theatre the title of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters represents a homage paid to personalities who distinguish themselves through exceptional artistic creation in the field of culture and communication or through an essential contribution brought to promoting arts and letters in France and around the world.

„That was a major surprise because as you know this distinction, these decrees and diplomas are signed a while ago, but it was a huge surprise in May, during a meeting I had in Paris with the Union of Theatres in Europe, where I found out about it. I did not want to make it public until I have received the diploma. It is a highly emotional moment and I believe it is a small brick to the foundation of Romanian culture which continues to remain an important channel through which Romania, not me as a person, becomes important in Europe and France especially. Not only do we have those ironic manifestations towards our fellow countrymen, but also a recognition that is most likely caused also by my double time presidency of the Union of Theatres in Europe,” Alexandru Dobre told Agerpres.

Alexandru Dobre is a significant name of the contemporary theatre, a lively spirit over the past three decades who got famous through major creations highly appreciated both in Romania and abroad. The international consecration came with „Midsummer Night’s Dream” play, deemed by The Guardian newspaper as being the best stage production since the same of Peter Brook.

„Amadeus,” „The Maids,” „Dangerous Liaisons,” „Mephisto,” „The Winter’s Tale,” „Julius Caesar,” „Three Sisters,” „The Illusion,” „Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome A Shakespeare Commentary,” „‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore,” „Orpheus and Eurydice,” „Notes of a Stranger” are but few of the shows put on stage in Romania, to which add some remarkable shows displayed on many stages of the world.

Alexandru Dobre has been running Bulandra Theatre since 2002, bestowing a unique status among the theatres in Romania, with elite artists and a profoundly European dimension.

He is elected president of the Union of Theatres in Europe, successfully concluding two consecutive mandates at the helm of this prestigious institution in 2011.


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