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Dan Diaconescu: Theoretically, we can give the money for Oltchim shares by February 14, 2013


Dan Diaconescu revealed the requirements for the acquisition of Oltchim shares to Economy Minister Daniel Chitoiu and he is now awaiting for a response, pointing out that he is not obliged to sign the contract by Oct. 1, 2012.

‘If we sign, I pay the wages of Oltchim’s employees. If we do not sign, we must identify a new way to give the money. By donation, guarantee, or any other legal form. The deadline for giving the money, namely the 45 million euros, is February 14, 2013, but we prefer to give the money earlier, if we come to an agreement. The deadline for signing the contract is not ten days, no document includes this provision. If we give the money and the contract is not signed anymore, we practically lose the money. Theoretically, we can give the money by February 14. I pledged to pay when I sign the contract, but I am not obliged to sign it in ten days,’ Dan Diaconescu said.

He also said he is awaiting for a answer from Economy Minister Daniel Chitoiu, as regards his requests.

‘In the last hour and a half, I have been in the office of Mr. Chitoiu, who gave us a friendly welcome. We had the idea of holding this meeting, as the negotiations had reached a dead end. We had requested maximum confidentiality, plus a moratorium on the common good conditions and objectives, Mr. Vulpescu (Remus Vulpescu, head of Office of State Ownership and Privatization in Industry) rejected our offer, I proposed the press presence at the meeting, but I received a negative answer on this matter too. Mr. Chitoiu expressed his apologies, of the Government and of Prime Minister Victor Ponta for all the allegations launched against me over the past few weeks,’ Diaconescu also said.

Dan Diaconescu made it clear that he will sue the Romanian state, if he is eliminated from the Oltchim taking over process.

In addition, he said that he accepted the request of Daniel Chitoiu not to bring cash at the Economy Ministry.

Diaconescu said that real negotiations have not been held so far.


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