Daniel Morar takes over as interim in Public Prosecution Office top position


Daniel Morar was assigned on a six-month delegation as first deputy to the Prosecutor General, acting as interim at the top of the Public Prosecution Office, said Romania’s Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi.

 Kovesi said that Morar agreed to act as interim.

„As their terms ran to end, we received several requests to terminate the delegation with the Prosecution Office, including for prosecutors Marius Iacob, Valentin Selaru, Dana Titian and Marius Bulancea. Other colleagues chose to continue their terms with the institution, anyway the decision fully belongs to them,” said Kovesi.

She expressed concern at nominations not having been made for the position of Prosecutor General and the other jobs that will be vacated.

„It’s hard for a team of interims to assume medium or long-term objectives,” said Laura Codruta Kovesi, adding that she will continue her activity in the position she has been filling before her appointment as Prosecutor General.

Kovesi said that she had the chance to serve two consecutive terms at the helm of the Public Prosecution Office, which favored stability and continuity in the institution’s activity, and expressed hope that her successors will enjoy similar conditions.

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