ForMin Corlatean: Romania to share embassy premises in Baghdad with Hungary

Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean that during the meetings he had in Budapest with Hungarian officials, he conveyed the positive response of the Romanian Government and of President Traian Basescu to the request that the premises of the Romanian Embassy in Baghdad should also host Hungary’s diplomatic mission in the same city.

„I referred to the Hungarian Government the positive response to their earlier request and the Romanian Government and President’s approval to the Romanian Embassy in Baghdad sharing its premises, at least for a while, with the Hungarian diplomatic mission in Baghdad and providing all assistance and support, personal security included, for the Hungarian diplomats who will be sent to Baghdad. This is a gesture that earned appreciation from the Hungarian side,” said Corlatean.

He described as positive the meetings he had with his Hungarian counterpart Janos Martonyi, with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Hungarian Parliament Speaker Laszlo Kover, as well as with representatives of the Romanian community in this country.

„The meeting confirmed the interest of both countries and governments in continuing and deepening the Europe-minded strategic partnership Romania and Hungary have previously forged,” said the Foreign Minister.

Corlatean underscored that this November will see the tenth anniversary of the conclusion of the Romania – Hungary Strategic Partnership, which is why he proposed the Hungarian side to have this event symbolically marked in Bucharest and Budapest.

The Foreign Minister said that Romania and Hungary have common interests and projects of substantial economic content, mentioning the network of highways and their interconnection, cross-border cooperation projects, road networks, European funding, agriculture, economic exchanges, trade.

„From this perspective we proposed the Hungarian Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister the organization in the first part of next year, probably in Romania, of a meeting of the Prime Ministers and ministers in charge, in the economy in the first place, intended to assess stage of the implementation of the Strategic Partnership and the promotion of these projects with economic content,” said the Foreign Minister.

He stressed that Romania and Hungary share interests of European scale, namely the coordination for more substantial allocations from the future EU budget for social cohesion.

Titus Corlatean said that both countries back the further EU enlargement with the Balkan states, and offer a strong support to the countries that make progress in the EU Eastern Partnership, beginning with the Republic of Moldova. Corlatean also thanked Hungary for its constant support for Romania’s Schengen accession.


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