Meziad Cave can again be visited by tourists following arrangement works

Meziad Cave located in the western Bihor county was re-opened at the end of last week and can again be visited by tourists following the arrangement works made by the Bihor Count Centre for Protected Areas and Sustainable Development and Remetea town hall based on funding offered by the Romanian-American Foundation and the Foundation for Partnership.

Former chairman of the Romanian Cave Studying Foundation, Viorel Lascu, who was the man behind this activity, says Meziad Cave has three-fold value: it has an extraordinary underground cave landscape, it is protected wildlife site by is bats species and colonies, which are among the largest in Romania and it has archaeological and palaeontology importance owed to the discoveries made in the cave that contain traces offering proof that it had been inhabited by the pre-historical man.

Local History Museum specialists found an over 6,000-years old culture here, with the oldest being Neolithic deposits and then deposits from the Copper Age, two deposits from the Bronze Age, a Dacian deposit and an early medieval one.

Project manager Paul Iacobas highlighted the grandeur of the cave halls resembling a cathedral, the over-seven kilometres of galleries, with 1,100 metres of it being two-levelled and having been arranged for the tourists, the beauty of the natural formations and the lace-resembling stones.

Meziad Cave will be open year-round and those wishing to visit it will have to schedule in advance only in winter.

The four-month arrangement works consisted in fitting small bridges, railing and stairs made from highly-resistant material, with very small environmental impact and a lighting system based on cold light that does not hit the environment and the bat populations.

The Bihor tourist cave network includes five caves so far: Vadu Crisului, Pestera Ursilor (the Bears Cave) from Chiscau, Unguru Mare, Meziad Cave and the wonderful Crystal Cave located in Farcu mine.


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