Apartment block ablaze in Bucharest District 3 residential area


An apartment block was ablaze in the Capital’s Vitan neighbourhood (District 3), after fire broke out at the top floor, Special Situations Inspectorate officials told.

The apartment block roof was the first to get on fire, which then engulfed the 10th floor. The blaze quickly ran downwards on the block facade to the 9th and 8th floors.

The fire has so far hit the facades of three floors of the building, the Inspectorate officials said.

A number of 14 Inspectorate fire engines are currently at the blaze site and are fighting to extinguish the fire; also on site are seven vehicles with ladders, four ambulances of the SMURD mobile emergency aid, two special extrication vehicles and an emergency medicine vehicle.

No victims have been reported so far, the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations said.

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