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Romania’s former Attorney General Kovesi, seconded to Romania’s mission in Brussels for three years


Romania’s former Attorney General Laura Codruta Kovesi has been seconded to Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) for three years staring October 3 where she will hold the position of high representative at Romania’s mission in Brussels in charge with justice and corruption issues, judiciary sources told.

The Prosecutors’ Section of the Supreme Court of Magistrates (CSM) on Tuesday decided to second Kovesi, a prosecutor with the Sibiu Office of the Directorate for Organised Crime Investigations (DIICOT), according to information posted on the CSM website. The secondment had been requested by the MAE and ordered for three years counting from October 3.

At the end of her second term in office as attorney general on October 1, Kovesi said she does not rule out running for the National Anti-Corruption Directorate or some position connected to the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, under which Romania’s progress with judiciary reform is monitored by the European Commission.

‘As I have repeatedly said, I want to continue my career as a magistrate. I believe the fight against corruption is a significant dimension through the CVM optics and the implications for Romania. From this perspective, I am not ruling out a bid for the DNA or some position that entails activities related to the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism or anti-corruption actions,’ Kovesi said back then.


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