Portile de Fier I Romanian lock re-opened

The Romanian lock of Portile de Fier I (Iron Gates) Dam was re-opened after having been closed for nearly 18 months for the last phase of the upgrading works.

Judicial Manager of hydro-electric power producer Hidroelectrica SA said the Romanian lock, from this moment on, will operate in line with European parameters; Remus Borza announced the investments were exclusively funded from the company’s own budget, with the Government to contribute to covering the expenses in the period ahead.

‘The number of the river ships passing through the lock has significantly increased by having re-opened this objective. Unfortunately, the lock brings no profit to Hidroelectrica, it only brings profit to the institutions having responsibilities in managing the river transport. This is the reason why the Government should also provide financial support to the investment made here’, he stressed.

Attending the re-opening of the lock were State Secretary at the Economy Ministry Rodin Traicu, prefect of the southwestern Mehedinti County Nicolae Draghiea, Mehedinti County Council chairman Adrian Duicu and other local and central authorities’ representatives.


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