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Romanian Cultural Institute takes action to enhance awareness of, prestige of Romanian culture


Beginning Oct. 1, the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) has been taking coordinated steps to enhance awareness of Romanian culture and the prestige thereof, maintaining the targets of ICR’s predecessor – the Romanian Cultural Foundation – but also seeking to boost cooperation with several other domestic and foreign institutions.

These measures envisage the cooperation of the Institute with creation unions and associations and universities, with a view to supporting creation, with ICR selecting the representative values in permanent cooperation with the said partners and the other factors involved.

Thus, ICR sets the premises in place for the cooperation on a permanent basis with Romanian research institutes, with the purpose of identifying, profiling and promoting domestic contributions that will be bunched together under the title ‘Romanian Ideas, Discoveries and Other Contributions to Knowledge and Technology.’

At the same time, each foreign ICR branch will enter sustainable cooperation agreements with high-profile universities, local governments that have cooperation ties with Romania, publishing houses and landmark publications, recognized libraries, far-reaching institutions and local personalities, and will make sure that it is a constant presence by offering locally-appropriate materials for cultural debate.

Each ICR office in foreign capital cities will organize Romanian language courses and will provide European certification for Romanian language skills, will hold thematic debates with the participation of intellectuals from the homeland, will present the creative preoccupations and cultural experiments of the new generation of artists, will showcase already acknowledged national works in painting, sculpture, urban planning, architecture, music, literature, science, philosophy, theology and other fields, and will adequately present Romania’s cultural tourism opportunities.

At the same time, ICR will develop partnerships and projects carried out under co-financing arrangements with institutions and organizations in the countries that host the branches of the Romanian cultural flagship institute, encouraging by this way too intercultural dialogue, the exchange of artistic and spiritual values.

Each ICR branch shall organize a Romanian Culture Library and keep it at the disposal of the interested public.

ICR will also build a body of lecturers – personalities capable of rendering in a competent manner in various international languages a picture of developments in Romania, Europe and the world – and also organizes a Group of Honorary Ambassadors, made up of Romanian and foreign personalities interested in making Romanian realities broadly known.

A Database of Romanian Culture will also be set up, with internationally accessible works of local intellectuals of yesterday and today in various fields.

In co-work with the National Bank of Romania and the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, as well as with other institutions, ICR will organize the annual international meeting „Romanian economy today. Opportunities and trends” in the cities of Sinaia, Sibiu or Brasov; in cooperation with the University of Bucharest and the Romanian Academy, it will also organize every year the international conference „Future of Europe.”

ICR branches and institutes will organize thematic summer schools dedicated to plastic arts, film, music, or Romanian language learning, in keeping with international practices.

In cooperation with creation unions, ICR will also make and distribute the series of documentary films „Carpathian Treasures” on subjects of history, geography and civilization, and together with the Romanian Academy and institutions of contemporary history it will publish the series of writings „Today’s Romania” that follows developments in Romania after 1989 from the viewpoint of current historiography.

Together with the Ministry of Education, ICR revives the tradition of Romanian language and civilization lectures, encourages the consolidation of Language Learning Centers in universities and institutes and supports the release and accreditation of national certificates for Romanian as a European language, released after the model of the Association of Language Testers in Europe.


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