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The importance of cooperation with Venice Commission, reasserted by Corlatean during meeting with Commission officials


Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean reasserted the importance placed by Romania to the cooperation with the Venice Commission, „whose prestigious activity enjoys recognition and appreciation all around the world,” during a meeting held on Monday in Strasbourg with Gianni Buquicchio and Thomas Market, President and Secretary General of the European Commission for Democracy through Law, also known as the Venice Commission.

Titus Corlatean mentioned the tight cooperation on matters of interest between the Bucharest authorities and the experts of this body and reminded that Romania’s relation with that institution carries a certain symbol, as the Constitution of Romania issued in 1990 is the first document of the kind analysed by the Venice Commission, says a release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to Agerpres on Monday.

According to the quoted source, the two officials also talked about the relations of the Council of Europe with the neighbouring regions, the Romanian stressing „the need of a balanced approach of the two dimensions, the south (North Africa and Middle East) and the east (Central Asia).”

The President of the Venice Commission showed interest for the idea to hold a joint event with the Romanian authorities on the legislative and constitutional reforms, with the participation of some Arab states, for which the experience of transition for the Eastern European states might pose some interest.


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