President Basescu wants Romanians of Ukraine to have similar right as Ukrainians of Romania


President Traian Basescu on Tuesday welcomed Eugene Czolij, Chairman of the World Congress of Ukrainians, to whom he said it would be a desirable thing for the Romanian community of Ukraine to enjoy similar rights extended to the Ukrainian community of Romania.

The Presidential Administration reports that discussed at the meeting of Basescu and Czolij was the state of the national minorities living in the two countries.

Basescu underscored that the Ukrainian minority of Romania enjoys representation in Romania’s Parliament and is granted special public funds.

‘Our vision in relation to minorities is that, besides their rights, the Government should play an active part so that the citizens of other ethnic backgrounds may feel part of the same nation,’ said Basescu.

Czolij said in his turn that Romania is an example to the point as far as treatment extended to national minorities is concerned.

‘Each time I have the opportunity, I mention Romania as an example for how national minorities should be treated and how human rights should be observed. Romania is at the highest place in terms of respecting citizens of a different ethnic background and it even grants seats in Parliament for national minorities,’ said Czolij.

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