ForMin Titus Corlatean attending EU Foreign Affairs Council


Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean is attending the meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council (FAC), in Luxembourg, on Monday, approaching topics such as the Southern Neighborliness, with an emphasis on the latest developments in Syria and Egypt, the Peace process in the Middle East, Iran, Mali, a follow-up to the EU – China summit, informs Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) release.

„Minister Titus Corlatean will brief the participants on the elements of interest, following his tour to the Middle East, last week. A special attention will be given to the Eastern Neighborliness, Belarus, Georgia (including the assessment of the Parliamentary elections) and th Republic of Moldova, reads the release.

On sidelines of the FAC meeting, ForMin’s Corlatean’s agenda schedules a working dinner with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, when they are to approached issues of common interest, particularly the EU- Russia relations, with an emphasis on energy and visas, the Republic of Moldova, the developments in Syria and Iran.

According to the same release, the two top diplomats will have a working breakfast for an opinion exchange on the Westerwelle Group’s report on Europe’s future.


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