Romania’s MEP group leaders, ambassador to EU welcome award to the EU of the Nobel Peace Prize


The leaders of the MEP groups of Romania’s Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), Social Democratic Party (PSD) and National Liberal Party (PNL) are welcoming the award of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union, which they say acknowledges the merits of the block of 27 in pacifying Europe and promoting peace outside the EU’s borders, while Romania’s permanent representative with the EU Mihnea Motoc says Romanians have reasons to be proud of the award.

Leader of the PDL MEP group Marian-Jean Marinescu says the prize is well deserved because ‘through all its actions, the European Union has contributed to both peace keeping and the prevention of conflicts.’

He added that the prize recognises the activity of the European External Action Service (EEAS) established under the Lisbon Treaty and its delegations, pointing out that it rewards not just the actions of the European Commission, but also the actions of the European Parliament and the European Council.

‘Through the vote monitoring delegations, through the EU development policies, the meetings organised by the European Parliament and the European Council summit meetings, all these institutions have contributed to winning this prize,’ says Marinescu.

PSD MEP group leader Catalin Ivan says the award recognises a construction designed to bring peace to a part of the world that has been plagued by conflicts over the past ten years.

‘This is an objective the EU has been achieving since its beginnings nearly 60 years ago. There are 27 states that establish together joint objectives, that seek together common solutions, and this is a guarantee that peace will be preserved,’ says Ivan.

‘When I visited Beijing, a Chinese official told me that the world will be a better place if the EU experiment succeeds. This prize indicates that the EU experiment is indeed a success story, but not a perfect story,’ says Ivan. He also believes the award is a token of appreciation for the EU internal policy rather than for its external one, although the latter follows the same philosophy in terms of peace keeping.

PNL MEP group leader Norica Nicolai says about the award of the Nobel Peace Prize that ‘the message is first of all a support message for the EU at a difficult time for the EU, which is troubled by a surge in Euroscepticism and a raging financial crisis; it is a message of confidence and cohesion.’

Ambassador Motoc says ‘it was past time for the prestigious peace prize to be awarded to the organisation that represents the most successful example of sustainable pacification of a continent in the entire human history.’

‘In times when the founding reasons of the idea of Europe are increasingly forgotten, as the costs of a non-Europe are easily dismissed, the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union means that the idea of Europe is not just a persistent one, but it is an idea able to reinvent itself. We, Romanians, have reasons to be proud of this recognition and should participate more in strengthening the EU virtues for which it is today rewarded,’ says Motoc.

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