Students from 40 countries to attend AIESEC European Congress


Over 250 students from 40 countries are to attend the European Congress, of the International Association for the Students in Economics and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC), due in Cluj Napoca (north-west), on Oct 18-24.

The event approaches topics such as the responsibilities incumbent to a group and action leader, the social responsibility, interculturalty, tolerance, economic sustainability and the development in the long run.

Invited to attend are officials of the Romanian Bank for Development (BRD), and local companies, who are to discuss with the students topics of interest for their future career, but also related to the manner they have to get actively involved in the social issues, particularly at crisis times.

On the first day there will be organized workshops approaching topics such as performances in online promotion, the importance of the personal profile, of the individual „trademark”, how to write a resumee, and the entrepreneurship.

A cultural and gastronomy fair will happen in the Museum Square in Cluj Napoca, where the guests are invited to taste traditional dishes from the 40 European countries.

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