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Tarom airline Management Board completed


Tarom airline Management Board has been completed and made public on Friday, among the selected figures being Romania’s first astronaut having flown into the Space, Dumitru Prunariu.

The complete list also includes Dan Pascariu (Unicredit Tiriac bank president), Lucian Isar (a former minister-delegate for the business milieu), businessman Marius Ghenea, Valentin Macec (former Management Board chairman and an advisor to Transport Minister Ovidiu Silaghi), Ciprian Ladunca (a former Alico Asigurari insurance group managing director) and Heinrich Vystupil (a former Austrian Airlines managing director for Romania and Moldova).

‘The seven Management Board members will elect Tarom CEO, following an analysis, but the main goal is to make Tarom company profitable’, said Transport Minister Ovidiu Silaghi, who unveiled the list of the future Tarom Management Board members.

Silaghi explained the next steps consist in recording the members at the Trade Registry, signing the four-year term contract with them and organising the new body’s first meeting next week.

The first meeting scheduled for Oct. 17 could elect the new Tarom manager, State Secretary Valentin Preda announced.

The national airline’s future CEO will be most likely elected from the seven Board members.

The Board members stressed the first measures they will take will be to elect the Tarom manager, to analyse the financial data and develop a long-term project for the air carrier.

‘Tarom can be turned to profit in three years. We are not going to raise the ticket price, or make redundancies, we will rather cut tariffs because we are in a competition-based market. In two months at the most we’ll have a clear situation of the company and announce you the strategy for its privatisation. I personally, if I were an investor, would prefer to take over 50 plus 1 percent of the company, not only 20 percent ‘, Board member Macec said.

The National Romanian Air Transport Company TAROM was set up in 1954 and it is conducting activity under the authority of the Transport Ministry. Tarom has been a SkyTeam Alliance member since 2010, a member of the International Air Transporters Association (IATA) since 1993 and of the European Airlines Associations (AEA) since 2000.


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